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Who packages as flexible as mother nature?

We do!

NYCO Push-Through Foil with safe barrier

With NYCO you play it safe with blister foils! Because we are the experts in barrier foils and we offer you blister foils in various thicknesses and designs. NYCO ALU-foils also have outstanding barrier properties and high functionality. They are hygienically flawless in use, guarantee optimum puncture resistance and they have proven themselves with consumers. Excellent machine performance, foils in suitable thicknesses, perfectly adapted coatings and high sealability against all common plastic blisters speak for our products: Safe. Practical. Good.  


We develop individual push-through foils solutions for you.

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NYCO Push Through Foil

Areas of application

  • Healthcare: pills and tablets
  • Confectionery: candy / chewing gum
  • Other: e.g. B. Tabs


  • Aluminium


  • Unprinted
  • Gravure printing
  • Flexo Hybrid
  • Offset Hybrid


  • Optionally print on the matt or the gloss side of the aluminum
  • Versions sealable against all common blister films
  • Different aluminum thicknesses and alloys available
  • Full surface varnishing