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Who packages as flexible as mother nature?

We do!

NYCO Die Cut Lids for optimum product protection

Looking for high-quality and protective die cut lids? NYCO offers you these in diverse designs! As a specialist in flexible packaging, NYCO offers you a wide range of sealing lids, which are characterized by a large selection of materials, a variety of applications, and high-quality finishing options and designs. You can get NYCO’s die cut lids in various thicknesses and designs, with outstanding machine performance and high functionality: Hygienic. Versatile. Suitable.


We develop individual die cut lids solutions for you.

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Areas of application

  • Dairy products: yogurt, milk drinks, ice creams
  • Lifestyle products: salads, snacks, sweets, ready meals
  • Still drinks
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Beauty products


  • ALU
  • PET metalic
  • PET white
  • rPET30 white (30 % PCR)
  • PET transparent
  • Paper/PE
  • PP*

* New application technology for PP lids. NYCO has developed an innovative concept for the application of PP lids. This technology enables efficient processing at lower sealing temperatures, offers energy and cost savings with the same product safety


  • Unprinted
  • Gravure printing
  • Flexo Hybrid
  • Offset Hybrid


  • Optional Serial Coding
  • Full or partial seal laquer - depending on the substrate
  • Coex layer or peel film layer as required
  • PET transparent with window if required