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Statement Covid-19

November 2020: Update COVID-19


Dear valued customer


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we would like to keep you updated on the status of our operations.

NYCO Flexible Packaging has been classified by the Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) as a systemically important company for the supply of essential goods and services.

Therefore, you can be assured that we are entirely committed to fulfil our responsibility as a packaging supplier.

We remain focused on the health of our co-workers and continued service to you, our customer. Through the first wave of COVID, we put in place extremely proactive and successful protocols across our operations and now, as we enter this second wave, our teams will stay as committed as before.

We hope the situation has had minimum impact on you, your family, colleagues and business. Our deepest sympathies go to those directly affected.

We expect the next few months to be unpredictable and we will work to manage this demand alongside our ‘normal’ November and December holiday season demand. To help us navigate through this period, we need your ongoing support to make sure we maintain a steady and constant line of sight on your packaging demand needs. Please continue sharing your anticipated demands, forecasts and where possible, increase stock levels.

Our team remains available to give you any information you may need and to help with you in managing your supply chain.

Together we will continue to master this extraordinary and challenging time!

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. We wish you the best of luck and the best of health!


Yours sincerely

NYCO Flexible Packaging




NYCO information regarding COVID-19


Dear customer,

Since January we are closely following the ongoing development of the COVID-19. NYCO Flexible Packaging initiated all the necessary measures at an early stage and activated the emergency plans.

Our top priority is to protect your health, that of our workforce and their families, while at the same time keeping delivery on highest level.


The most important measures in brief:

Whatever happens, NYCO is there for you! Together, we will MAKE IT!

We wish you a lot of strength, endurance and that you stay healthy!

Yours sincerely

NYCO Flexible Packaging