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Statement Covid-19

February 2022: Update COVID-19


Dear valued customer

We would like to inform you about the current status at NYCO.

NYCO Flexible Packaging has been classified by the Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) as a systemically important company for the supply of essential goods and services.

Therefore, you can be assured that we are entirely committed to fulfil our responsibility as a packaging supplier.

We remain focused on the health of our co-workers and continued service to you, our customer. During the first two waves of COVID, we put in place extremely proactive and successful protocols across our operations. Even now, when the infection figures are rising again throughout Europe and we don't know exactly what the winter months will bring us, we have an in-house safety routine that protects our teams and ensures a smooth workflow. Strict access rules are still in place in our company, please check with your contact person before making an appointment with us.

We hope the situation has had minimum impact on you, your family, colleagues and business. Our deepest sympathies go to those directly affected.

We will do everything from our side to continue to meet your needs to your full satisfaction. In order to plan our raw materials and production capacities optimally, we need your ongoing support. Please continue to let us know your requirements early and share your forecasts with us.

Our team is always available to provide you with advice and support. Together, we will continue to navigate these challenging times!

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. We wish you good luck and good health!

Kind regards

NYCO Flexible Packaging